Public Access Dock Building and Exploring North Idaho’s State Parks at RMSPEC 2024: A Recap

We’ve just wrapped up an incredible week at the Rocky Mountain State Park Executive Conference (RMSPEC) hosted in Coeur d’Alene! This year’s event was a hub of collaboration and innovation, shaping the future of state parks nationwide.

At HDB Marine, we’re committed to preserving and enhancing recreational experiences in Idaho’s stunning landscapes and beyond. With decades of experience partnering with state parks, national parks, and government agencies, our expertise ensures sustainable waterfront development that blends seamlessly with nature’s beauty.

Farragut State Park Located on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille

During RMSPEC, we seized the opportunity to explore North Idaho’s finest state parks, further deepening our appreciation for our state. Our tours included visits to Farragut State Park, Cataldo Mission State Park, and Heyburn State Park. Each park offers its own unique charm, from breathtaking lake views to rich historical landmarks.

  1. Farragut State Park: Located on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille, Farragut State Park boasts scenic vistas and miles of hiking trails, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.
  2. Cataldo Mission State Park: Home to the oldest standing building in Idaho, Cataldo Mission State Park offers a glimpse into the region’s rich history amidst picturesque surroundings.
  3. Heyburn State Park: Idaho’s oldest state park, Heyburn State Park features pristine lakes, lush forests, and a range of recreational activities, including boating, fishing, and camping.

One of the highlights of RMSPEC was our exclusive raffle featuring a custom HBD Marine stand-up paddle board and HDB Marine Yeti cooler. Stay tuned for even bigger giveaways next year!

The winner of our custom Harrison Dock Builders and RMSPEC paddleboard!

Our commitment to quality and environmental stewardship is evident in every project we undertake. Whether crafting eco-friendly dock solutions or implementing sustainable waterfront developments, we prioritize preserving Idaho’s natural beauty for future generations.

We eagerly anticipate next year’s RMSPEC conference in Vancouver, WA. With each gathering, we deepen our connections, share valuable insights, and reaffirm our commitment to preserving Idaho’s state parks.

Thank you to everyone who made RMSPEC 2024 a success. Together, let’s continue building a future where our parks remain accessible, sustainable, and cherished by all.

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