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As a recognized leader in marine solutions since 1983, HDB Marine is your go-to partner for floating dock systems, marine security solutions, and oil spill mitigation. Our innovative designs combine functionality with durability, ensuring a reliable performance even in rough water conditions.

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Bridging Innovation and Safety

HDB Marine's Multi-Purpose Floating Barriers

Designed to be adaptable and robust, our multi-purpose floating barriers serve as oil containment systems, security barriers, and wave attenuators. Equipped with oil-resistant materials and heavy-duty construction, these barriers ensure a high degree of reliability in environmental and security applications.


We work hand-in-hand with government entities to provide custom solutions that meet stringent environmental and security requirements. Our oil containment barriers and security modules aid in protecting critical infrastructure, mitigating environmental risks, and enhancing harbor security


For homeowners seeking residential floating docks, we deliver top-quality, durable systems designed for stability and longevity. With heavy traction deck surfaces, our docks provide safe, easy access for daily operations and watercraft activities.


Commercial entities trust HDB Marine for high-quality, resilient floating docks and oil spill mitigation solutions. We offer bespoke designs tailored to the specific needs of marinas, boatyards, and commercial waterfront properties.

Security Barriers

HDB Marine’s floating security barriers serve as an impregnable defense line, perfect for naval bases and shipyards. With a 10′ steel security fence, these barriers offer a formidable deterrent to unauthorized surface watercraft.

Multi-Purpose Floating Barriers

Whether it’s environmental mitigation, maritime security, or wave attenuation, our Multi-Purpose Floating Barriers are tailored to cater to a wide range of needs. These structures offer unparalleled versatility, durability, and performance, promising a revolutionary solution for all your maritime challenges.

Design Considerations

Our OCMs, featuring a depth of 10', serve as a robust and reliable oil/debris containment barrier. Equipped with heavy-duty filter cloth, they effectively contain floating oil while allowing water to flow through.

Proven performers in the marine industry, our wave attenuators are designed to tackle waves in the 3 – 5 foot range. Rugged and resilient, they ensure calm waters even in challenging conditions.

For enhanced safety and visibility, our modules come equipped with solar-powered lights, ensuring secure operations even in low-light conditions.

Ensuring safety is our priority. Our modules feature a heavy traction deck surface that facilitates safe foot traffic, offering easy access for daily operations.

Trust HDB Marine for Your Needs

As your trusted partner in providing superior marine solutions, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. Whether for government, residential, or commercial needs, HDB Marine is your reliable source for floating docks, oil containment modules, and security barriers.

Multi-Purpose Floating Barriers


You Have Questions, We Have Answers

At HDB Marine, we provide comprehensive service from design to installation. Our team of experienced professionals will oversee the installation process, ensuring it adheres to our high standards and your specific requirements. We take pride in our ability to tackle installations in virtually any location. Our solutions are designed for adaptability, and our team is well-trained to handle diverse site conditions. We’re here to ensure that your installation is seamless and efficient.

Our products are designed to be robust and durable, able to withstand challenging weather and water conditions. Each 40’ x 10’ x 10’ module has a low center of gravity for extra stability and is designed for rough water conditions. It produces an effective mass of 240,000 pounds with the ballast water contained within, making it highly resilient. Maintenance requirements are minimal due to the high-grade materials and superior construction quality. However, we recommend regular checks and cleaning as a part of good operational practice. Our team will provide detailed guidance on maintenance procedures.

Yes, absolutely. At HDB Marine, we understand that each customer has unique requirements, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide customized solutions. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and design floating dock systems that perfectly suit their residential or commercial settings. From the size and shape of the dock to specific features like solar-powered safety lights or heavy traction deck surfaces, we ensure your dock system fits your needs exactly.

We place a strong emphasis on ensuring all our products meet or exceed government and environmental regulations. From design to installation, we maintain a rigorous compliance process. For example, we offer ADA-compliant gangways and bridges as part of our commitment to accessibility regulations. In terms of environmental regulations, our Oil Containment Modules (OCMs) are designed to mitigate environmental risks effectively, helping clients meet their environmental responsibilities. We always stay updated with the latest regulations and modify our designs as necessary to remain compliant.