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At HDB Marine, we specialize in providing you with an array of dock cleats designed for superior strength and durability. Our carefully crafted cleats ensure that your boat remains safe and secure, regardless of the water conditions.

 Unparalleled Quality

Our Dock Cleat Selection

From mooring larger boats to smaller personal vessels, our extensive range of cleats caters to diverse needs. Each product is engineered with precision to provide maximum safety and ease of use.


For government-owned docks and marinas, we offer robust and long-lasting cleats that can withstand the heavy usage often experienced in public spaces. Our safety cleats are ideal for larger bodies of water, ensuring secure mooring even in choppy conditions.


Enhance your private dock with our aesthetically pleasing and functional dock cleats. Our galvanized cleats are perfect for the homeowner, available in various sizes to suit your dock and boat requirements, ensuring a safe mooring for your prized possessions.


For commercial docks and harbors, our heavy-duty flush cleats are ideal. Mounting flush with the dock’s surface, they offer an optimal mooring solution for boats up to 40′ long, ensuring safety and minimizing the risk of damage to the vessels.

Why Choose HDB Marine?

HDB Marine stands out for its commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovative designs. We offer a variety of products for dock building that can cater to all types of customers, from residential to commercial and government.

Our safety cleats (SKU)

AC.CLEATS.SAFETY.AL-6) are ideal for larger boats and bodies of water, providing extra security in rough waters. Choose between a cast or white powder coat finish for additional corrosion resistance.

Our Flush Heavy Duty Cleat (SKU)

AC.CLEATS.SAFETY.FM.AL-8) is designed for commercial applications. Priced at $42.95, it mounts flush with the dock's surface and is capable of mooring boats up to 40' long.

Our Galvanized Cleats (SKU)

AC.CLEATS.GALV-8) are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, priced at $4.95. Available in 8, 10, and 12-inch lengths, these cleats are perfect for those seeking strength without compromising on affordability.

Our tie down rings are zinc-plated and made from 1/2" machine bolts. Designed to "through" bolt on standard frame docks, they are perfect for additional mooring and securing needs. A lag-bolt style is available, too.

Expert Assistance

Our team of experienced professionals is here to help. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned marine enthusiast, HDB Marine’s experts will guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find the perfect product for your docking needs.

Dock Cleats

Our dock cleats not only serve as mooring points but also as multi-purpose floating barriers to help you manage the space around your dock efficiently and safely.

Dock Cleats


You Have Questions, We Have Answers

HDB Marine offers a diverse range of dock cleats including Safety Cleats, Flush Heavy Duty Cleats, and Galvanized Cleats. Our Safety Cleats are designed for larger boats on larger bodies of water, providing added security in choppy waters. Flush Heavy Duty Cleats are ideal for commercial applications and mount flush with the dock surface. Galvanized Cleats are made from hot-dipped galvanized steel, perfect for strength and affordability.

Absolutely! HDB Marine caters to various customer needs including residential, commercial, and government. Our selection includes aesthetically pleasing cleats ideal for private docks, as well as robust heavy-duty cleats designed for commercial applications. We ensure that regardless of the use case, you will find the ideal cleat for your needs.

Yes, our dock cleats are built with corrosion resistance in mind. For instance, our Safety Cleats are available in a white powder coat finish which is particularly resistant to corrosion. Additionally, our Galvanized Cleats are made from hot-dipped galvanized steel, providing excellent resistance to rust.

We certainly do! At HDB Marine, we understand that every dock is unique. Therefore, we offer customization options to ensure that the cleats you choose are the perfect fit for your specific dock design and requirements. Feel free to reach out to our expert team for assistance with customization.