Protect Your Watercraft with Precision

At HDB Marine, we offer an extensive range of dock bumpers, stripping, and wheels crafted with precision to ensure the utmost protection for your watercraft. Our products are designed to withstand the rigors of marine environments, and are made from high-quality materials for longevity and reliability.

 High Quality and Durable

Dock Bumpers Tailored for Your Needs

Our dock bumpers are engineered from a specially formulated flexible PVC that is resistant to the sun, sea, and any environmental challenge. Available in white, grey, and black, in 10-foot lengths, with color match corners also available. Proudly made in America.


We provide government marine installations with heavy-duty dock bumpers that meet regulatory requirements. Ensure the protection and longevity of government maritime investments with our American-made, environmentally resistant bumpers.


For residential docks, safeguard your watercraft with our durable and aesthetically pleasing dock bumpers. Easy installation and maintenance, along with the flexible PVC construction, make our bumpers an ideal choice for protecting your investment.


Our heavy-duty dock bumpers are perfect for commercial applications, including marinas and harbors. Designed to withstand high-traffic and extreme weather conditions, our bumpers minimize damage to vessels and dock structures.

Dock Piling Bumpers

Our Dock Piling Bumpers are expertly designed to be mounted vertically or horizontally on pilings, offering optimal protection for watercraft against pilings. The concave-shaped back ensures a perfect fit. Rotationally molded for long-lasting quality.

Protect your watercraft from the unforgiving parts of the dock with our Universal Corner Bumpers. The flat sides provide an excellent surface for butting up to dockside moldings. Made from durable materials, these bumpers are easy to fasten to wood docks with stainless steel screws.

Our #13 Dock Corner Bumpers are designed with a one-inch solid outside flange, providing an added layer of protection. Like our Universal Corner Bumpers, they are rotationally molded for durability and can be easily fastened to your dock.

Our heavy-duty Dock Wheels are suitable for boats up to 30 feet. Designed for mounting on the corner or side of the dock, these wheels offer additional protection and ease of docking. They are sturdy and capable of absorbing impacts effectively.

We take pride in offering unmatched customer service. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you in selecting the right products for your specific dock building needs. We provide consultation and support from the initial inquiry through the installation process to ensure you are completely satisfied with our products and services.

Why Choose HDB Marine?

At HDB Marine, quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Our products are not only durable but also manufactured with care and precision. Whether for government, residential, or commercial purposes, our docking solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of each client.

Dock Bumpers, Stripping, and Wheels

Our multi-purpose floating barriers are versatile and customizable, offering both protection and demarcation in marine environments. They are ideal for establishing perimeters around swimming areas, marinas, construction sites, and more.

Dock Bumpers, Stripping, and Wheels


You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Our dock bumpers are made from a specially formulated flexible PVC that is highly resistant to sun and sea exposure. The material is designed to endure the environmental challenges common in marine settings. The durability and resistance to wear and tear make them an excellent investment for protecting your watercraft and dock.

Yes, our dock bumpers come in white, grey, and black, allowing you to choose the color that best complements your dock. Additionally, they are available in 10-foot lengths and have color match corners available, which can be customized to fit the design and dimensions of your dock.

HDB Marine’s products are versatile and suitable for a wide range of docks, including government, residential, and commercial docks such as marinas and harbors. Our bumpers and dock wheels are designed to accommodate various sizes and types of watercraft, making them ideal for different applications.

HDB Marine offers expert consultation and customer support to assist you in selecting the right products for your specific needs. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you find the perfect solutions for your dock and will guide you through the entire process, from initial inquiry to installation. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and are here to help make your dock building experience seamless and rewarding.