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The most environmentally conscious and beautiful dock. Constructed from standing dead timbers, sustainable and recycled materials.

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Floating Cedar Log Docks

Steeped in American tradition and heritage, our cedar log floating docks have been handcrafted by HDB artisans for 32 years. Our purpose driven designs yield custom floating docks that are attractive, sturdy and durable. We use only standing dead cedar logs for the most environmentally-conscious dock systems.

HDB docks are created to exacting standards that ensure your dock will last for many years to come. The low center of gravity and massive weight of the HDB cedar log dock make it the strongest and most stable floating dock system available. Dense and naturally resistant to insects and decay, our docks will provide a lifetime of enjoyment on the water.

Design and service options include turnkey design build, ready-to-float modules for easy installation and do-it-yourself manufactured kits. HDB cedar floating log docks can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.