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Boat Lifts and Hoists

HDB Marine offers a wide selection of boatlifts and hoists. A boat kept on a lift will better maintain its market value.  HDB can design the best solution to meet your needs.

A sound investment for today's boaters, boatlifts amd hoists keep the boat bottom clean and free of algae and marine growth, saving you the expense of bottom cleaning and bottom painting. In active water conditions they protect your boat from wear and tear from wakes, wind and floating debris.

HDB Marine Lift Service

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional lift service. Supported by our manufacturer'  which is supported by our manufacturer’s factory trained technicians, our program offers the highest quality and dependability.

We offer:

  • Floating boat lifts

  • Free standing boat lifts

  • Hydraulic operated boat lifts

  • Cable operated boat lifts

  • Electrical and manual boat lifts

  • Solar power battery-operated boat lifts

  • Remote control operations

Basta Hydraulic Free Standing Boat and Seaplane Lifts 

We carry Basta Boatlifts, designed and built with precision craftsmanship right here in the Northwest and known for its quality around the globe. Basta Boatlifts has a boat lift that will fit nearly any boat up to 50,000 lbs. Boat hulls vary in shape, Basta has a bunk configuration for varied boat hulls including kits for deep V hulls, pontoon boats or tritoon boats. The hand-in-glove fit helps protect your boat from destructive wakes and waves.


Jet Ski Ports 

The We carry many brands of Jet Ski Ports. Call today to see which works best for your Jet Ski.

ShoreStation Free Standing Cable Actuated Boat Lifts

Established in 1959, ShoreStation boat lifts have a long track record of success and durability.  These free standing design cable lifts are available in manual, direct drive and hydraulic assisted models. Canopy covers, solar power, remote controls and other options are available.

  • Manual Operations: models in 3000 to 6000 pound capacities
  • Direct Drive Operations: models in 1500 to 5000 pound capacities
  • Hydraulic Assist Operations: models in 4000 to 6000 pound capacities


Demco 5 Foot Lil Lifter and 7 Foot Lil Lifter are available in 750 to 1000 pound models

Residential Boat Lifts

SKU: DE.LLIFT-1000-5M Shown

Demco 5 Foot & 7 Foot  Lil Lifters will put you on the water in seconds. Not only will a Lil-Lifter provide safety for your PWC when not in use but it will also take the hassle out of side tying your PWC up to the dock. It's easy for children to use as well making everyone's PWC experience easy and fun. Made from 6061-T6 Marine Grade Aluminum. Large aluminum winch wheel for easy lifting. Dock Plate is fully adjustable for desired wheel height.  Nylatron rollers used on cradles provide smooth, clean, trouble-free operation. No lubrication is necessary. Five foot angled carpeted wooden bunks. Sealift models for salt or brackish water equipped . Available in Manual and Electric models.