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We develop purpose-driven
marina dock solutions for a
broad range of applications.

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Floating Steel Docks

Purpose Driven Designs

We work closely with you to create the look and functionality that you want along with the structural style that you need. We believe that your docks should be aesthetically pleasing, functionally specific, environmentally friendly and dependably strong. We work with unparalleled enthusiasm to accomplish your goals. 

The HDB Marine Steel Truss Floating Dock System

Our steel truss floating dock system provides the best in quality, strength, stability and durability for your floating dock requirements. Options in frame design, choices in decking and extra strong polyethylene encased flotation assure you of a successful and attractive project. Our HDB design team will work with you to develop a purpose driven solution that meets your goals and site requirements.


DB Steel Frame System

Main Structural



 1.5" x 1.5" x 3/16" Angle

  Protected location – no wave
  or wake issues


  2" x 2" x 3/16" Angle

  Protected location – occasional
  wakes / waves up to 18"


  2" x 2" x 1/4" Angle
  and/or Custom

  Exposed location – frequent
  wave or wake conditions


  Engineered Design/Build

  Per Design Requirements

  • HDB standard frame is 12" depth. An 8" depth frame is available for a lower freeboard floating dock. Additional designs are available for heavy load conditions or unique utility chase requirements.
  • Standard - Hot dipped galvanized after fabrication in accordance to ASTM 123
  • Option - Polyurea plastic coating for a “green” protective coating against the harsh marine environment


  • Polyethylene encased floats - .150" nominal wall thickness- Complies with Corps of Engineers Regulation #36 CFR Part 327, absorption and falling dart test –
  • Rotationally molded for a seamless long lasting waterproof protective shell covering
    15 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Resistant to saltwater, oil, gas, chemicals, marine life, UV light
  • Made with vent, and heavy duty mounting flange for extra strong attachment to the frame
  • Broad selection of sizes allows HDB to create the dock freeboard and safety live load to meet your requirements


Here's a diagram of a Typical Truss Frame