Multi-Purpose Deployable Barrier

Oil Spill Mitigation

Harbor Security

Wave Attenuator

Floating Barrier for Oil Spill Mitigation

Heavy-duty floating oil containment modules (OCM’s) are linked together to form an oil/debris containment barrier 10’ in depth.  The contained oil may then be collected with skimmers and pumped into a holding/transport vessel or floating saturation booms may be deployed within the barrier area.

Oil containment modules are linked together with oil resistant reinforced nylon or synthetic rubber skirt/belting that connects the modules over the vertical10’ length.  Once linked the OCM’s form a continuous oil barrier 10’ deep with a 10’ high fence.  Linked modules may be towed into position and then anchored as required.  Specific anchor solutions are applied for varied site-specific conditions.

The face of the OCM’s is covered with heavy-duty filter cloth that contains the floating oil while allowing water flow through the wall.

The welded steel modules have a low center of gravity, are extra stable and are designed for rough water conditions. Each 40’ x 10’ x 10’ module weighs 27,000 pounds and produces an effective mass of 240,000 pounds with the ballast water contained within the module.  

Modules will be equipped with solar powered safety lights.

Modules are equipped with a heavy traction deck surface for foot traffic access as may be required in daily operations / access to booms, watercraft, etc.

Security Barriers

The heavy-duty floating modular structures are also perfectly suited to serve as security barriers at shipyards and naval bases.  Equipped with a vertical 10’ steel security fence the modules create a 20’ heavy-duty security wall that will prohibit surface watercraft from entering the protected zone formed by the barrier.  This design is far superior to light plastic constructed security floats.

Wave Attenuators

The 10 x 10 x 40 modules have a proven record as Wave Attenuators.  The units are designed to attenuate waves in the 3 – 5 foot range. They are rugged proven performers.

Design Materials

  • 10 x 10 x 40 modular construction
  • Heavy-duty steel framing constructed with 6 x 6 x 3/8 inch A36 steel angle,  w8 x 18’ end beams, 2 x 2 x 1/4 inch reinforcement angles and more.
  • 100% welded construction - minimum maintenance
  • Polyeurea Sea Coat is applied to the steel modules for a saltwater resistant surface that is extra tough/durable and abrasion resistant.  Proven in applications on Navy Trident submarine loading decks. Low maintenance and long life.
  • Floatation – Polyethylene encased floats are resistant to chemicals, marine life and petroleum products.  Proven, dependable, low maintenance.
  • Reinforced nylon or synthetic rubber sheeting is reinforced, petroleum resistant, flexible and extra strong.
  • Barrier wall fascia may be constructed with wood timbers, recycled plastic lumber, fiberglass, and other materials, depending upon conditions and application.
  • Each module is equipped with heavy-duty lifting eyes for easy handling and deployment.
  • Heavy-duty steel pin connections make connecting modules safe, easy and strong.



  • Linked modules may be towed to sweep pools of floating oil to a desired location
  • Linked modules may be used to encircle and contain pools of oil and then temporarily anchored to serve as holding pens for pools of oil
  • Linked modules may be configured and anchored to guide the flow of the floating oil to a desired location/area
  • Linked modules may be positioned to block the floating oil from entering coves and estuaries along the coastline
  • The flexible connections of linked modules allow shaping the floating barrier as may be required for specific needs and applications


Anchorage Options

Site specific anchorage solutions shall be developed for each location or task specific application.  Anchorage options include, but are not limited to, the following and more:

  • Chain and anchor designs
  • SS cable or nylon rope systems
  • Spud anchors
  • Driven Piling


Cleaning Barrier Modules for Storage

Barrier Modules may readily cleaned of oil and contaminant debris for storage and later deployment.  HDB Marine will provide a Portable Recycle Cleaning system that separates the oil and water, stores the oil for refinement/disposal and recycles the cleaning water for reuse.  The portable system may be trailered to the removal site or skid-mounted for use aboard a ship.  Features include:

  • Heavy duty portable wash pad – collects wash water
  • Stainless steel dual wand pressure washer
  • Stainless steel oil–water separator
  • Multi-stage filtering systems
  • UV light sterilizing system
  • Bromine oxidation unit
  • Auto-controls
  • Generator–electrical system
  • Standard electrical system for onsite connection to power
  • Skid or trailer mounted


Rush Manufacturing and Delivery

  • Manufacturing shall commence in multiple locations immediately after approval of design and receipt of order
  • Delivery will begin within 2- 3 weeks after receipt of order and notice to proceed.
  • Production rates shall meet demand requirements with full production rate established within 6 weeks of commencement of production.